Thursday, July 31, 2008

Netherlands and Japan

I wasn't aware that there is so much in common between Netherlands and Japan. I was amazed to find many similarities when I visited Leiden, Netherlands for a summer a couple of years ago.

I think one of the major factors that makes these two countries similar is population density. Netherlands - 395/km², Japan - 337/km² . Pretty close. Or actually, I was surprised to find that Netherlands is denser than Japan which is infamously packed with people.

Netherlands is a very small country with very dense population. However, Dutch people use land and resources very efficiently. They rank third worldwide in value of agricultural exports, behind the United States and France! How could they manage to do this when the land available for agriculture is very limited? Netherlands is also dubbed as one of the greenest countries in Europe (or in the world).

Japan is also very small and dense. Although it is sluggish in environmental policy, it is advanced in energy efficiency technology and process efficiency. Prius and Kaizen are some of those examples.

Photo above is a market in Netherlands, below Japan. Similarly dense! People are just filling up the small space like this everywhere.

I can't stop feeling that this is where people start to internalize the concept of "efficiency" as a second nature.


manu said...

Holland is indeed a great agricultural exporter...but they do so with the BIGGEST greenhouses you can imagine. It costs less (energywise) to produce a rose in Kenya and make it travel all the way to London than to produce the same rose in the Netherlands and export it to the Big Smoke!!

give us a shout when you are in Leiden again! would love to show you around!

eco-samurai said...
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eco-samurai said...

Interesting, but Holland is still one of the lowest greenhouse gas (not greenhouse!) emitters, right? Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought it's somewhere around 6-7 ton per capita.
Besides rose, how do you think about the idea to install huge number of solar panels in the desert of Sahara and import the electricity to Europe?

And thanks for your invitation, I hope I will have opportunity to visit Europe again sometime...