Thursday, July 24, 2008

Super lunch! Bento box

Eating little bit of everything is one of the key philosophies of Japanese cuisine.

For presentation, it requires putting together little bit of everything in a coordinated manner. Beauty: well balanced nutrients intake, enjoyment of eating and aesthetics - it's almost an art.

Bento lunch box (to go) is a simple, daily-life version of little bit of everything. At home, Moms have been making Bento for family.

There are a lot of websites that talk about how to make Bento; authentic(like the pic), casual, fun and Bento for kids! Check them out. Or you will find whole bunch of information just by Googling by "Bento box".

Great alternative for brown bag.

Lunch in a box
Cooking cute
USAlifehacks (Japanese)


manu said...

my favourite website for bento-boxes has got to be it has great recipes and suggestions.
I am italian and my japanese husband is not that keen on obento, but I still like to experiment! It's really eco-friendly too! bring your own, right?

eco-samurai said...

Thank you for the comment. The website is very interesting!
I define Bento as "any healthy meal to go that has multiple dishes laid out in a box". Since I like Italian cuisine very much, I would like to see Italian Bento! That should be delicious....