Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Laundry, laundry, how do you dry?

Do you hang clothes after you wash your laundry?

Probably no.

I know there are so many reasons why people opt for using dryer instead of hanging clothes. But think about it; clothes dryer could be as energy consuming as a fridge. It comsumes about 1040kw of electricity annually which is worth 2.3 of trees. If 100,000,000 household use dryer, it is 230,000,000 worth of trees!

.....enough to justify stop using dryer? Probably no.
Well actually, the reason why I hang my clothes is because I am pretty embarrassed when I see the clothes coming back from the dryer! They are shrunk and damaged. I mean, it's not that bad....still wearable, of course. But especially if they are the knit, silk, linen, or other delicate textile with delicate design, I want to minimize the damage. Oh, and I shouldn't forget underwears. They need good care, really.

So, not just for environmental reasons, I hang clothes to keep their conditions better. And so do most Japanese women. And they don't just use hanging ropes and pinches. There are variety of washing/drying gudgets to make your lanudry life better!

Put your delicate clothes in a lanudry mesh bag. It protects the cloths from bumping each other in a washer. Remember, bottuns, zippers and other attachments can be harmful to other clothes!

Then, hang nicely with laundry hungers. (image

If you don't have time, how about just hanging your favorite clothes? If you cannot use your backyard, garage is a nice alternative. I am trying to convert part of my garage to hang clothes. It is green, and really good for your clothes!


N said...
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L+P said...

Hi, eco-samurai.
L+P again ;)

>So, not just for environmental reasons, I hang clothes to keep their conditions better.

I use all goods that you introduced !
That's really good.
Especially the first one, a hanger with pinches.
It's an efficient use of narrow space I think.

I use a dryer, too, but not use it so often.
Rainy season and winter we use it little bit more than other seasons,
but we hang clothes outside or near the window as we can.
The reasons why I hang clothes are...
*I take it for granted to do so.
*clothes are nice touch and smell when they're dried and disinfected by the sun.
*Sunlight is free:)

About said...

Thanks for the post!

You are right, sunlight is free. Especially here in California, we have abundant sunlight. But it seems like some (or a lot of?) communities have ordinance that don't allow to hang laundries in the backyard. Garage is enough dry though.