Thursday, February 28, 2008

Old face of energy efficiency

Pretty much everywhere in the world, people used to use energy for double or triple purposes. I'm not talking about complex energy efficiency technology. It's all about old lifestyle filled with rich knowledge base on how to live more efficiently with less resources.

Back in old days, it was common to use stove, and put a kettle or a pot on it. Stove heated the room, cooked food, and then boiling water in a kettle added some moisture to the room. A stove was executing three missions at one time.

Now, we might heat the rooms with central heating system, cook on the oven, and then use humidifier.

It should not be difficult to rewind our way of thinking a bit, and find one or two....or more places where we can "integrate" energy use. It was integrated once! It just got diversified over the course of modernization. We don't have to invent anything new. Just reflecting back a little bit and we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Winter is usually cold and dry in many regions. In Japan, people eat pot(nabe) a lot, especially when people get togheter for home party. Portable oven (on which you place a pot) is often used. People get together around the table on which the pot is simmering. They share meal, beer and laughter. And the pot, while providing nicely warm food, is also warming the room and adding some moisture.

You might want to switch to nabe from sushi during winter, if you like Japanese food!

photo by barron

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