Saturday, March 1, 2008

How to make a Nuno-zori (cloth sandal): Step 1

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Because many people are visiting this blog looking for information for Nuno-zori, I decided to post how to make it. But since I am not an expert, I will just try to translate whatever information is available without violating copyright. Please understand that there is a limitation and if you are looking for serious information, try to find someone who can translate the site like this: Nuno-zori or buy a book and let someone translate it.

Step 1.......Preparation

Materials. (Size: Women 6-6.5)

1) Rope (could be nylon or cotton) 5'(length) x 0.3"(diameter) (1)
Rope works as the core (or foundation or padding? I don't know the exact word). For the first zori, give it a few inches longer. My feet need a little bit more than 5'.
2) Textile 2'8" x 3.5" (4 of them for one sole)
For the first attempt, jersey-knit like, soft/strechy material is recommended. You might want to choose a cloth that is adequately thick. For example, a towel is too thick, but a summer baby wrap is nice. T-shirt might be too thin for a beginner. To compensate, you might want to try tomake strips wider. If you are to use tops, you would need more than 1 item. To be on the safe side, it would be nice to have back-up item that matchs the ones you chose. So far, I found baby's blanket and sheets (thin flannel) easy to knit.
1) Rope 2' (length) x 0.3"(diameter) (1)
Same as sole.
2) Textile 28" x 2" (1), 15.8" x 2" (1)
I think this doesn't have to be so strechy. You could choose pretty match everything you want, but maybe not too thick or hard.

Other items needed.
1) a pair of sissors
2) scotch tape
3) a clip (laundry clip-like)
4) a safety pin

This is all you need. Are you ready to getting started?


julie said...

Thank you for this info...I have a good idea now.
This would be great for old t-shirts and cold, dirty floors. I love to make things with more than one function...I'm so inspired!
thanks again,

eco-samurai said...

I am going slow...your patience appreciated!