Friday, March 21, 2008

Need a name! nuno zori, cloths sandal, eco zori, recycled sandal

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I wrote several posts on "how to make a nuno-zori". Since then, I've been knitting some myself. What I like with this easy-to-make cloths sandal is that next one is always much better than the previous one! Improvement is sooooo obvious!

My previous "wanna-be-sandal"s didn't make it to be worn by me because I wasn't very impressed with the finish. So I am redoing them.

But I can wear this one!

For those who didn't read the previous posts, this sandal is called Nuno-zori. You can make them with your old cloths (T-shirts, towels, pretty much anything you want). It is really between reuse and recycle; EoL cloths change their forms physically, but not biologically or chemically. But probably I should call it "recycled" because the old cloths transformed to something else.

This is very easy to make, and definately revive the old cloths in a very useful way. I think it deserves a nice translation.

Nuno-zori simply means cloths sandal, but it's not just that. It uses recycled cloths and can be easily hand-knitten by anyone. even kids. Keep your room and toes clean. Washable.

Nuno-zori --- eco-zori, eco sandal, recycled hand made sandal, recycled sandal.....

What do you think is a nice translation to the inspiring nuno zori??


Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic project idea, thank you for translating it and trying it out! Where did you first hear about it? I'm going to try to make a pair myself, I'll let you know how it turns out- maybe I can find something to sole it with, so I can wear it outside (if it turns out ok!).

I like the name nuno-zoris as it is, actually- my dad still calls flip-flops "zoris", I was never sure where that came from.

eco-samurai said...

Thanks for a vote for the name as-is! I heard this from my friend in Japan, so I had my family send me a book. It's getting pretty popular down there.

Please let me know when you make one! And let me know if you have any questions or if you need clarifications!

Anonymous said...

I think they could be called rag-sandals or something similar, because when you make a rug out of old fabric it's called a rag-rug...

eco-samurai said...

That is a good idea, thank you lottie. It has the similar idea, I agree.