Friday, March 7, 2008

How to make a Nuno-zori (cloth sandal): Step 6

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Step 6......Finishing the sole

Now.....does yours look like this? I have to say mine is pretty awkward.

1) Loosen the knot on the rope and pull.

2) Pull the rope until there is 1-2 inches rope sticking out on the toe side. Let the end of the strip go around between [1][2] and [3][4]. Tighten the strip, and adjust the shape.
Looking like almost done?

3) Finish the end: Find a stitch one or two rows down and let the end go under it. Cut the rest. You may saw the end to the sole if you'd like to.
All other ends can be finished in the same manner.

4) Wow. Sole is done!
Again, mine is not a good example. White area is not vertically straight. If yours look like mine, go back and try to rectify it.

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