Friday, March 7, 2008

How to make a Nuno-zori (cloth sandal): Step 4

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Step 4...... Start knitting!

1) Loosely tie the rope for sole. Hook the loop to your toe as shown in the picture. Pull the knot toward your body, under the loop.

2) Follow the picture. Be sure to twist the rope in between your toes.

3) Clip the point where you twisted the rope.

4) Start knitting. Knot the edge of the strip to the rope as shown. Leave the left edge about 2-3 inches. It should look like below.

5) Once you tighten the knot, let the edges go under the rope that you knotted loosely.

6) It should look like this. those four strings (1-4) are the basis for the sole. Make them even before starting.

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