Friday, March 7, 2008

How to make a Nuno-zori (cloth sandal): Step 5

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Step 5.....Knitting the sole

You use your feet throughout the knitting process. Assume that the rope is hooked on to your feet as shown in Step 4.

1) Let the right hand side of the strip go under [3], and then over [4].
2) Go over [3], under [2], over [1], make a turn, over [2], under [3].....

Note: we have started from the toe. Please knit the first 2-3-4 rows tight, but then gradually start knitting horizontally loosely (it shouldn't be loose virtically). Compare with your foot to make sure it matchs your size.
Important: the example in the picture is not good. The toe must be much flatter. The second row must be much wider than the first row, and the third row must be much wider than the second row..... Try and re-do as you are satisfied with the shape. Those first several rows are the most important part of the whole process. Have your favorite flip-flop on your side and continuously compare the shape as you go.
3) Keep going until you are almost done. The edge needs to be finished under [2] as shown in the below pic. To virtically tightly knit, use your fingers as shown in the lower left pic.
4) When the first strip is coming to the end, finish in between [2] and [3] (go over [3] and finish under [2]).
New strip should be started under [2] and then over [1]. You may leave 1-2 inches edge.
Then keep knitting until you reaches the heel part. (We started from toes)
5) Once you are close to finishing the sole, tighten the last 3-4 rows so as it makes sole-like shape.
The edge should be finished over [2], and then under [3].

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Anonymous said...

It took me a bit to figure out what is vertical and what is horizontal knit. Giving this info might clarify the instructions. Thanks so much!