Monday, March 24, 2008

Prius goes mini? Toyota launches iQ

Look how small this car is!

And look what this car can do!

2980×1680×1480mm --- designed to accomodate 3 adults and 1 child

Estimated MPG --- 70???? ( I took the info from Japanese news source that says 30 KPL (kilometers per litre) )

CO2 emission /mile -- estimated to be less than 160 grams (Prius is 166 grams)

Projected to be released end this year in Japan, next year in Europe.
I didn't see any information if Toyota is introducing iQ in US market in the near future.
Usually car makers don't market compact/small cars in US because there is not much demand. (By the way, Toyota does not make/sell trucks in Japan. Roads are too narrow, parking lots are expensive and not easily available. Garages are also too small..... There is no room for trucks for personal use, so there is no market.)

Given that, Toyota might not introduce iQ in North American market?? I don't know. But gas price is very high now, so there must be increasing demand for smaller, super-efficient and affordable cars in US? Probably??

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