Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Got a broom?

Producing eco-friendly products doesn't always have to be innovative and cutting-edge.
An alternative is to rewind the time till the point where people were living only on renewable energy. In Japan's case, Edo era (1603 - 1868) is often referred as a successful closed-loop & sustainable society.

Check out those brooms (since 1830) that are made of highly-skilled, distinguished broom artisan.

Price ---- $500!!!!!
The price is because it only uses domestically-grown broom materials and is hand-made by the skilled artisans.

Green/LOHAS consumers didn't miss them. The highest price model ($700) is currently out of stock because of the high demand! It is especially nice to hear after the decades where they were almost forgotten.

Going sustainable can mean investing in new technology, alternative energy or innovative concept.

But it can also mean investing in people's knowledge, skills and wisdom that have been quietly accumulated for centuries and centuries. We need to capture them before they quietly die away.

Products by: Shirokiya

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