Friday, March 28, 2008

California high-speed train system

I just learnt about organization: California high-speed rail authority.

Established in 1996, the California High-Speed Rail Authority is charged with the planning, designing, constructing and operating a state of the art high-speed train system.

Their mission is to introduce effective train system in California that will solve the problem of projected population growth in CA and global warming (and other environmental issues).

There will be pros and cons, but I like the idea that the train system, with the stations that will generate a lot of people, will help re-develop the urban areas; more mixed use. denser communities that are highly pedestrian-friendly. It could be possible to live without owning a car! There is some images on how the cities like Anaheim or Fresno will change with the railroad system. With the help of the train system, the urban areas will sprawl upward which will reduce both ecological and carbon footprint.

According to the plan, downtown San Franciso to downtown LA will only take 2.5 hours. Wow.

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