Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eco-cute: Next generation water heating system

When I first saw the product, I thought there was nothing cute in it. But it turns out that they named that way because the Japanese word "kyuto" (water heating system) sounds like "cute".

This is next generation water heating system for residential use.

What's so revolutionary about this product???

It collects ambient heat in the air. Then with the aid of electricity, 1 unit of electricity input achieves 3-6 output to heat water. Or, 1 electricity + 2 ambient heat = 3 unit capacity to heat water.

At least three times more energy efficient than just using electricity!

"Heat collector" along with water tank is installed outside the house to provide hot water for bath, kitchen and so on.

Collecting ambient heat sounds like a great idea. I didn't have chance to ask a question to the researchers, but Eco-cute can collect waste heat, even better. For example, if it can collect the waste heat from air conditioner, that is almost like a closed loop system!
Another breakthrough about this product is that it uses CO2 as coolant. It substitutes other common coolants such as CFC...which are ozone depleting agents. Eco-cute uses "waste CO2" from production process.

Okay. I am still not very impressed with the name, but the technology looks very promising. Right now, it is offered about $5000-6000 per unit (per house). Price might go down if gains more market share. Not sure if it is offered in US.

Unfortunately, no video in English. This animation might help understand the technology.


Kagetsuki said...

The name comes from the japanese word 給湯 "kyuutou", which means "hot watter supply". Because it sounds similar to "cute" they decided to name it "Eco Cute" rather than "Eco Kyuutou". Searching for either of the terms in Japanese will bring you to the same information.

Eco Cute said...

Indeed it is a great piece of technology that is already becoming common place in the world wide market. We At ECO Cute Ireland are already in the process of bringing this amazing product to the Irish marketplace for industrial usage.

Its A Great piece of technology with every 1 electrical energy unit that can produce 3.8 heating energy units. And Also Ozone Depleting coefficient is 0. Global Warming Potential is 1/1700 of Freon refrigerant!

Its extremely eco friendly! Hence the name Eco-Cute!