Sunday, March 9, 2008

Waste water from kitchen sink

Kitchen sink is the source of waste water.

Waste water from kitchen can include a lot of putrecsibles (small pieces of food, other organics) or any kind of tiny litte garbage that end up being washed away.

Catch whatever you can... and it will make your waste water probably much cleaner.

I found this at local Japanese grocery store. Since the package is in English, it might have already been marketed outside Japan, but I have no idea how much penetration it's earned.

The product is named "Aqua Top" and it says "water tool". Well....I don't know what it means, but.....

Just simply, place it over your drain. When you finish cooking or dish-washing, toss what's caught into the garbage bin. You would be surprised how much it collects at the end of the day.

It is cheap; probably only around $5. Your local Japanese grocery stores mgiht have them.

By the way, this product had Japanese eco-label on it.

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