Friday, March 14, 2008

Gas hits $3.5! What can I do?

Here in Northern California, the gas price has recently passed $3.5 threshold. I heard that in some coastal regions it's already $4. (When I came to US about 4 years ago it was $1.99!!!)

Well I guess everybody - not only green folks - is thinking about an alternative to driving. Does your community have good public transportation? If not, probably only available alternative is motorbike or bike.

How about a bike? Honestly, I am not physically competitive. I get scared to ride a bike on a bike path because I go too slow, and everybody else goes really fast. I can be a bottleneck on a bike path, blocking others.....

I just wonder if I can ride an easy-going, electric bike like this... This model is for moms who want to carry a child in the basket on the front.

Those are rather slow, easy-going, grocery-shopping bikes which you wouldn't need a helmet. Since it is electricity-powered, it doesn't eliminate me because I am not physically strong.

There are so many different kinds of electric bikes offered in Japan.

I don't want to drive my car to go to the grocery stores in my neighborhood. But I am not physically strong and cannot ride a fast-track bike. Can this be an alternative? Would it encourage more people to choose a bike, or would it add more mess on the road?

Photo: Yamaha

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Anonymous said...

Zen bike not.
What is the rush ? If you can't cycle fast, cycle slow.
Why are all your solutions so complex and expensive, when the true Zen concept is to simplify and use the "powerdown" solution to avoid problems rather than beat the problems with technology ?
Think of the energy that needs to be spent to make a thing like a car or an electric bike, then AVOID it altogether.