Friday, March 7, 2008

How to make a Nuno-zori (cloth sandal): Step 7

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Step 7: You've got a Nuno zori!

1) Attach the thong to the sole: Remember, the thong looks like Y-shape. Let "I" part of Y go from the front side of the sole to the back. (To determine the point, put your foot on the sole. Probably 4-5th row from the toe-end, but depends. )

2) Finish back of the sole: tie the end of the rope right above the thong strip. Tie the strip tightly over the rope. Cut the excess off. You may want to give some stitches so that the ends are attached to the back sole.

3) Finish the thong: Put your foot on the sole and decide the length of the thong. Let it feel rather tight on your foot at this point. Let the end of the thong go to the back of the sole (1) and then back to the front (2), and then to the back again (3).
4) Finish both ends of the thong. Tie tightly. Then tie the ends together at the back of the sole. Cut the excess off.


You've got a Nuno-zori!

Repeat the same process for the other foot!

Mine doen't look great...Next one should be better!

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