Monday, March 10, 2008

Wrap up: How to make Nuno-zori

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I wonder if anyone ever get to make a Nuno-zori.

I have been trying to figure out what went wrong with mine. One of major problems with mine was that the form of sole was pretty ugly.

Obviously, the right hand side is the previous one, the left hand side is the new one. The form is much better with the new one. I realized that the first few rows (toes) are very really determines the stability of the entire form.

Once you are in the second row, try to widen the widths as much as you can. Unless you quickly expand the widths, you will have trouble allowing enough widths to fit your foot. (That's what happened with my previous one).

Use this technique each and every row; tightly knit horizontally. You might notice that the picture (what I did with my previous sole) shows that the toe was too narrow. It's not a good example. It has to be much wider for the second row and onward.

Compare with the blue/green sole......and what's neat about making Nuno-zori is you can easily improve your skill!

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