Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Refilling home products

There are so many home products that are relatively small and liquidish. Shampoo, body shampoo, hand soap, dish washer, detergent, softner, all kinds of cleaners, etc...... They are packaged in a sturdy plactic bottle.

Almost all of them, in Japan, are available in "refill" package. Refill is offered in a package with much less material use. Naturally, they are offered cheaper than the original product.

A survey result shows that the reason why people buy refill is because:

No.1..... It's cheaper (88.6%)
No.2..... It reduces garbage (60.5%)
No.3..... It's environmentally friendly (47.1%)

Usually, "green products" are thought to be more expensive. Organic food is a good example. But dematerializing prodcut can simply reduce the burden to everyone. It can reduce your speding, reduce your garbage and save some materials that might end up in landfill. This is really a win-win situation.

And this shouldn't be difficult to implement.

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