Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tips for Nuno-Zori: Read me first

Eco-samurai is moving to a new website
Updated version of "How to make nuno-zori" will be added shortly.
In the meantime, enjoy new posts.

I posted "how to make Nuno-zori" a while ago. As I make some more myself, I find better ways to do it. It turns out that the pictures that I use for those posts are awkward and not good examples. But since it takes so much time to replace photos, I will wait a bit to do it.

However, I am editing and changing the text as I go.

If your Nuno-zori don't look good, it could be because my instruction was not good enough. Feel free to come back and check the posts again; they might have been changed and would be more helpful.

Enjoy knitting!

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Covert_Operations'78 said...

Thank you very much for these posts, they have been a great help. I coordinate a special interest group known as Green Living and many members have shown an interest in making nuno-zori from their old tees after it was first featured in a local daily.

With thanks,