Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What is macrobiotic diet?

Madonna practises macrobiotic diet. (is her body a product of macrobiotic and yoga? ) Larry King asks her what macrobiotic diet is.

KING: Someone asked me to ask you are a -- do you eat a macrobiotic diet?

MADONNA: Yes, I do.

KING: Which of consists of what? A little rice? Some seeds?

MADONNA: That is not true. Do I look like I've missed any meals?

KING: No, no. No, but you don't look like you're not -- you're not voftig either, you know. What's the number one treat in the macrobiotic diet?


KING: Boy, we can't wait for this one!

MADONNA: No, you're not allowed -- well, it's not good to eat toast because it's...

KING: Oh, it's not good to eat toast.

MADONNA: No, that's why when I'm sneaking and I'm having a moment of decadence I eat toast with strawberry jam...

KING: That's decadence. What's a typical quick...

MADONNA: Well, macrobiotic means big life and it means getting the most of life -- most life out of your food. So...

KING: A sample dinner?

MADONNA: Fish. Grains, some kind of grains. Some kind of cooked vegetable. Salad. Simple, but tasty.

KING: Not part of Kabbalah though is it?


KING: No, it's not part of its teaching.


Eeeeerrrrhhhh, so, what is macrobiotic????

It is a diet based on whole cereal grains. Brown rice is most widely available, but macrobiotics is rediscovering many ancient-old grains that modern Japanese cooking forgot. Along with grains, macrobiotic rigorously incorporates vegetable, beans and some fish.

Macrobiotics is increasingly attracting Japanese people, probably because it is considered major component of LOHAS. This is just my perception but macrobiotics really focus on the art of cooking, taste and presentation of the finished meal along with the overall lifestyle that macrobiotic pursue.

Macrobiotics needs some instruction/training to start, but quite some books are available in English. There are many "sects"... some are very strict and authentic, some are more relaxed and easy going. Find your own macrobiotic style!

photo by mac-vegetarian

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