Saturday, April 5, 2008

Small is Inevitable: Transition Town Totnes, UK

This is just inspiring.

Transition Town Totnes, as it has more recently become known, is the first initiative of its kind in the UK attempting to reduce the carbon footprint of an entire community in a way that is imaginative, fun and engaging.

And that.....

‘One of the first things we did was to consult the town’s older generations, to ask for their experience and advice on how the town used to function with minimal oil dependency’
‘It is important to remember that this concept is not new. As recently as the Second World War, Totnes was almost entirely self-sufficient out of pure necessity’

I totally agree that shifting toward low carbon society is not all about technology and innovation.

Our predecessors, across the globe, have rich knowledge base on how to live self-sustained.

I definately want to learn from their experiment.

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