Friday, April 18, 2008

Brew time! Porter

I am a beginner home beer brewer.

I brew my second batch today: Porter. First batch was Ale.

Beer brewing is pretty fun.

And what I really like with brewing beer is.....I am almost free from beer bottle recycling!

12oz bottles easily pile up in the garage. Collectively they are heavy. With two adults in the house, we have to bring in 100-150 bottles every few of months to the collection center. Loading and unloading is quite some work.

Beer is heavy. The bottles are heavy, the liquid is heavy and not compactable. I have to think how much CO2 emission is associated with drinking beer from bottles throughout the entire life cycle. Distribution. Purchase (stores to home). Home to collection hubs for recycling. Collection hubs to glass recyclers. And then, glass recyclers to.....?

That is a lot of travel. And since the bottles are heavy and not compactable, the mass shouldn't be easy to redue. So I doubt that the entire miles traveled by the bottles would lead to quite some CO2 emission.

By brewing beer at home, I can get out of this loop and initiate small closed loop; keep reusing my own bottles. It makes me feel good!

Not only that, home brewed beer tastes good.

I heard that during gold rush times, people used brew in their community; Germans made German beer, English made English must have been fun. Beer could be one of the "grow locally, buy locally" products....eerhh...if managed properly, I would have to say.

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