Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tips for Nuno-zori #2

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Updated version of "How to make nuno-zori" will be added shortly.
In the meantime, enjoy new posts.

The textbook I used to make Nuno-zori recommends to use 4 strips to make a sole, and that is what I did in my posts. But I had trouble maintaining the shape straight when going from one strip to another.

So I experimented something: I stitched one strip to another to bind them.....making one very long strip with no ends.

It worked better with me because I could always go back several rows and adjust the shape.

I also liked it because I don't have to deal with finishing messy bottom. (the pic is the bottom...much better than the previous photo)

The only tip I want to share with you is that I waited to stitch a strip to another till the very last minutes. Then I needled them so as the stitches will be on the right spot and not show up on the surface. Especially when binding two different cloths, I cut the end of the first strip to adjust the length so as the second cloth will start from the edge.


manu said...

hello ;)
I wanted to THANK YOU for posting this amazing set of instructions to make zori!
I saw the program on japanese TV (couldn't understand a single word...but it was SO interesting), and was desperately trying to figure out how to do make them: thanks to your translation I can start straight away!
I will let you know how it goes, ok?

eco-samurai said...

Please do so, I can post your zori if you can send me a picture!
I am starting to like the way the (sort of) hard sole feels against my foot, it's like getting some massage.

manu said...

well, I made a pair, and I am wearing them right now.
but I didn't use thick rope, I used "what I had in the house" (it's more eco-friendly, right?).
So, I'll have to experiment a bit longer, but you are right: nice "massage" feeling!

eco-samurai said...

Glad that you made a pair and that you liked them.
I tried thin ropes myself and had difficulty to keep the shape nice and sturdy. If you experienced the same, you can braid your rope. Happy knitting!

Kathy said...

I made one and packed down the weaving but it is too flipsy. I can't walk in them. What did I do wrong?