Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reducing emissions from vehicles

It has nothing to do with technology to make a car.

It is about how you design the environment that surrounds cars.

Washington, D.C.'s new ball park does not have many parking lots. Instead, it provides a free bike valet, enhanced nearby subway station, and a ton of bus service. They also ran an advertising campaign asking people not to drive to the park.

On opening night, 21,492 baseball fans (out of a total of 25,000) took a train to the ball game!

This is exciting.


Justin said...

How badly does the New Met's and Yankee's stadium (that are currently being built) need to adopt this way of thinking? Really badly would be my answer. It is fantastic what DC is doing with it's ball park.

eco-samurai said...

Is it too late for Met's and Yankee's studium? Hopefully they will hear about DC's new studium....I will take a look at it myself, thanks!