Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Olive virgin oil: what my skin needs

I have been using this product for years because it really works for my skin.
I just learnt that it's now USDA organic certified. (made of organic olive oil)

The product is called Olive Virgin Oil, by Japanese cosmetic company called DHC.

My skin is oily and I never imagined that oil on oily skin would work.

Actually it does great. My skin feels a lot less greasy and much more even. Their site describe what's so good about this product.

I've never noticed this company bragging being green, however they also offer some healthy/fine foods that can be used for macrobiotic or vegan diet such as Japanese brown sugar or multi grain rice. (soy sauce, of course!) Germinated brown rice is another popular brown rice in Japan. It's almost as nutritious as brown rice, but much easier to deal with. Worth trying.
They have an office in San Francisco, and the website/catalog/online shopping/call center is available in English.

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