Monday, May 26, 2008

Overripe banana pancake

I know that banana is not a sustainable choice if you live in Northern hemisphere....

But I still buy them sometimes.

And I get them overripe sometimes. But I shouldn't waste them because they traveled all the way to reach my kitchen!

Smoothie is great to make out of overripe banana.

My favorite is pancake.

When the bananas are so overripe, they are easily mashed and become like paste. I mix it with regular ingredients such as flour, baking powder, egg and milk. The mix is lumpy as above picture. I add no oil though; it's not necessary. I don't even bother to measure ingredients because banana paste functions like binding. No matter how the ratio is, it tastes good. If you add quite some banana, you don't need to add any sugar or spread because the pancake is already nicely sweet.

Only one suggestion is that you might want to cook a bit slower with lower temperature. Probably because of banana, the mix can get brown fast.

It's super easy and requires only one bowl and a pan. Minimum dish-washing!

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