Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bright side of economic downturn: People are eating healthier

American Diet Changing Out Of Economic Necessity

Eating healthier is definitely good.

And probably it's time to start thinking about "peak food", just like "peak oil".

We only have one Earth to cultivate yet world's population keeps growing so rapidly. Shouldn't it hit the peak eventually?

If everyone on earth live the same standard of living of Americans, we need almost 5 earths.
Below is the links for ecological footprint calculator.


Chris said...

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Martin J Frid said...

Eco-samurai, what happened? Do keep posting! Love your blog.

Joost Hoogstrate said...

Hi, that is probably one of the nice things to come from this economic crisis. If people cut short their spending on junk food and unnecessary eating, they would be doing themselves a great favor. It will make them healthier, keep them in good shape and also help them live longer as suggests.

That’s one good eco from a bad eco.

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